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Do you sometimes allow yourself to drift off from reality? You close your eyes and visualize your your very own clothing brand. Exciting patterns from an array of colors. The latest trends of materials finalized with a careful finish. You open your eyes and ask yourself – how can this be done? The answer is simple – contact us.


Our offer is a complex solution with different forms of collaboration:

- You run a clothing store and require a supplier for high quality products with your very own logo.

- You are just starting to expand your own brand and need guidance to put it all together.

- You run a blog about the latest fashion trends. Or perhaps you have fans on Instagram, Facebook or another platform and want to offer them your own brand, but don't know where to start.

- You want to shine in front of your friends at school, university or work, offering your own clothing line.

- You run a popular pub or have your own music band and want to add designer clothes to your offer.

- You design clothes professionally or as a hobby and want to establish cooperation by expanding our basic offer. Or perhaps you need an expert who will lead the implementation of your products for your company.

- Do you think it would be worth telling your friends about us? We love that you are our fan.


With Moriello Ltd, we collaborate with you, uniquely tailored to your expectations. You make the rules, because you are the core of our business.


590 Kingston Road,


SW20 8DN

Unted Kingdom


Moriello Ltd was founded in 2016 in London. The inspiration that determined the start of our activities in modern fashion grew out of exchanges with fashion enthusiasts thinking of starting their own clothing line. Designing every part of an outfit is neither cheap nor easy and cooperation with large well-known brands can be very limited. This is related to the confirmation of acquired skills, having knowledge and even in some cases–experience.

A diploma from a distinguished university speaks to employers’ consciousness, allowing you to fight through the growing competition in the global market. Interesting and innovative projects of enthusiasts often end up in the bin, due to large corporations’ tight administrative barriers proving to be so effective that nobody sees them.


What makes Moriello Ltd stand out from the others is our modern business approach with a philosophy of complex solutions in different configurations of cooperations together with British customer service. Every customer is important and every offer deserves consideration. We respect your hard work put into the process of gaining knowledge, be it from university or practical experience or maybe just the start of your own fashion adventure. We are curious about your projects which you put so much dedication into.


If you are a person who wants to develop own creativity in a friendly, open environment – don’t wait. Contact us today!